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UK Artist – Swinging from the largest vine into Eye Kandi Art Gallery

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I'm hiding here!

A New World Hope

Tapping into the cultural icons of my childhood – bring this new world some hope.

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Sadler’s Out

Time hopping 100 years and into Lonodn to dish out revenge – a dish served cold.

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Space Royale

I’m gonna send him to outer space, find another race – and why not.

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The ‘Kin’ Bio

King Random is a London born artist and designer with a propensity to create whatever feels right in the moment.
Often starting without a plan as such, he likes to let the work flow from a place of pop cultural iconography and style – heavily influenced by his past and present passions.
As a full-time self employed designer and artist, KR has worked on high profile projects for movies like Harry Potter along with creating brand identities for international brands like Ultimate Performance, The PGA, Estée Lauder to name but a few.
He combines a number of techniques from free hand illustration to digital compositing using his commercial experience to embellish the story telling aspect of his art.
KR has previously sold his work in galleries in London alongside other well established artists – the lockdown inspired KR to return to his roots of artistic expression.
KR’s name comes from his own disdain for the strict rules around design whereby he was once told by a university he couldn’t study both graphic design and illustration as they were different.
His approach was always about story telling, the mediums used are merely the tools to support those endeavours.
The KR name is about expressing a unified philosophy of people and spirit through a variety of mediums that to some may appear…’kin’ random.